Manchester Access Programme visits

During the Summer Term Alexa and I were very pleased to offer some of our new workshops – one debating  Humans and the Natural World and another on Alan Turing – to the Manchester Access Programme students.

The Manchester Museum is part of the University of Manchester

For those not familiar with the Manchester Access Programme the aim of the scheme is to support entry to The University of Manchester, or another research intensive university, through the completion of a portfolio of work demonstrating specific knowledge and skills. During the workshop at the Museum students were developing their research skills and the ability to work with research materials such as objects.

We got some great feedback so here are just some of the things the students said after their visit:

“After having a look around museum today, I had questioned myself numerous times about the actual value of the natural world and humans. I.e. does selling land makes it automatically the posession of the person you sold it to? And if so… is everything for sale? Does putting a American flag on the moon by the americans makes it theirs? Although, it’s so unreachable and everyone takes advantage of it? Today, I have learnt that this issue is debatable, depending on peoples’ own personal beliefs. Just like chinese believing that making thousand of paper doves will bring good luck.”


“Today’s workshop had made me think about Human and Natural life in more depth and changed my mind about recycling as I had saw an impact it can cause when people don’t care about today’s environment”


“There was alot of information in the museum. Information on Alan turning centenary was good to read and expand knowledgeIt was also nice and attention grabbing of the stufffed animals like, the male indian swamp. information on trade, journeys was very interesting, telling us about manchester ship canal, silk industry, migration and chinese. This was something different therefore unfammiliar which made me more interested in reading this. Information on the actual museum like how long it’s been here for and victoria musuem was great to read, as it told us more about the actual museum.”


“I saw different parts of the museum including an area on the 2nd floor that was about the diversity of Manchester, including how people settled into the area and brought their own traditions with them. This was perhaps what i enjoyed learning about the most, because i have takien religious studies as an AS level, so learning about different cultures and religions was exciting and most enjoyable to learn about”

The students were so great to with – engaged, determined and smart – so we plan to offer some more MAP workshops for students in the Autumn term.


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