The Egyptian World…

Next week marks the start of a very busy time in the Education Department at Manchester Museum, and I can’t wait!

What is the X-Ray of? Book a school session and find out more…

What is this X-Ray of? Bring your group to find out more…

Our fantastic team of freelance staff start to deliver our newly developed Primary School Egypt taught session. ‘The Egyptian World: Museum Secrets, Mummies and Pyramids’ intends to be hands on, engaging and full of fascinating facts for our younger visitors, maybe some of our more mature ones too!

See if you can spot our young trainee curators of Egyptology as they explore around the new gallery collecting clues to help solve a raided tomb mystery and watch as they identify ancient objects in the many beautiful displays.

If you are interested in booking a school Egyptian World session please email for details of availability and costs.

Happy Egyptian Exploring!


A snap shot of one hieroglyph based activity tackled during the primary school taught Egyptian session.


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