Ancient Worlds Education Sessions

Our Curator Bryan just blogged about the Learning Team’s Staff Forum Presentation; Some great pictures and quotes included!
The work we do couldn’t go ahead without our invaluable Collection’s Team so a big thank you them!

Ancient Worlds

Just been to the Staff Forum where members of the Education Team talked about the brilliant work they do with schools and other groups. Some 29,000 schoolchildren visit the Museum every year and 80% of the classes have a taught session. The evaluation feedback is invariably ‘good’ and ‘excellent’ and the vast majority say they would visit the Museum again.

Debbie Doran who is Primary Learning Coordinator talked about her work using the ideas developed in the Ancient Worlds displays. Debbie develops teaching sessions for Key Stage 2 children (7-11 year olds). She recently sent me some comments from some of the pupils who had attended pilot Ancient Worlds teaching sessions in the museums.

The sessions are designed to stimulate learning by allowing the children to handle the various objects.  Katy from Vernon Park Primary School said, “I couldn’t believe we could touch the very old things!”  Samir from Oswald Road Primary School said “It’s better to look at the broken pot because you can see…

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