A brief introduction and a couple of questions…

First a brief introduction: I’m Hannah, I have recently joined the Learning Team at Manchester Museum as maternity cover for the Primary Learning Co-ordinator. It is all rather busy here so I am going to keep this post quite brief. Something that we are currently trying to think about is how we know our audiences, and this got me thinking… why do schools visit museums? What is it that museums offer to schools that makes them worth visiting? Personally, I assume that it has something to do with the objects and collections – isn’t it?
Well, rather than guessing, I thought it might be useful to try to find out! I have put together a very brief (2 questions) poll, and would like to gather as many responses from both teachers and museum educators as possible. I am going to start off by releasing it for just a week – cut off point is Friday 3rd May at 17:00. I’ll keep you posted with the results but please do spread the word (and the link) to any teachers / educators that you know: Click here to take survey


2 thoughts on “A brief introduction and a couple of questions…

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