Ancient Egypt visits Artscool

Picture 032

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, Manchester Museum took a selection of ancient Egyptian objects out to Artscool, an arts festival for primary school children at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Cheshire Campus in Crew. The week-long arts festival has aimed to raise the level of arts engagement in the area, and focused on the Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Work in progress

Work in progress

Over 2 days, the museum ran 6 workshops, each for 20 primary pupils, in conjunction with Emma Thackham. While one half of the group developed their investigative skills by interpreting a selection of ancient Egyptian artefacts related to the theme of language and learning, the other half of the group worked with the artist to incorporate modern equivalents of these objects into an art installation.

Some images of the results can be found below…

A barrel of heads!

A barrel of heads!

What can I say?!

What can I say?!

A colourful arrangement

A colourful arrangement…

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