The Midden Project: Research In Action

On Monday 15th July the Manchester Museum was pleased to welcome one-hundred and forty six Year 8 Matthew Moss High School students to take part in an Archaeology Enrichment Day.

The day was planned to introduce the new partnership between the Museum and Matthew Moss on our Midden Project: Research in Action.

Creating the Midden 2

Last year’s Midden creation

You may recall that we did a similar project with eight of their school students last year. Well, Matthew Moss were so pleased with the benefits that the project had for those involved that they have partnered up with us again to deliver a more structured programme on the same topic.

In the 2013-14 academic year the Museum will support a number of Matthew Moss students on their Level 2 Project Qualification by helping them create and investigate their own Midden (the name for an archaeological rubbish dump). Students who want to work with the Museum will self-select and apply to be a part of the Midden Project: Research in Action throughout Year 9.

The Enrichment Day, which was packed full of activities to introduce students to some of the skills and ideas behind the project, gave them a taste of what they might get involved in during their Project, thereby helping those who were interested decide to apply for the partnership work as part of their Project qualification.

It was a fantastic day with a selection of nine different activities that smaller groups of students could carousel around. These included:

  • A session with the Museum’s Conservation team examining how we preserve artefacts from the past
  • Practical activities about the Science behind conservation looking at the effects of salt, detergents and glues on objects
  • A workshop on ancient Egypt and the unique environment that allowed survival of some fascinating historic artefacts led by our British Museum Curator Intern
  • On-gallery sessions with our team of freelancers about what items from the past can tell us, how fossils are formed and the invaluable role minerals form in our daily lives

We also provided supporting resources for the Group Leaders to deliver activities on other galleries and encourage their students to explore the Museum’s collection in meaningful ways. Check out the photographs below to see a selection of the students enaged inactivities on the day!

All in all I think it was a great start to the partnership and demonstrated a flavour of what the project could be to the students of Matthew Moss High School. We’re really excited to be a part of this partnership and looking forward to starting the project proper in September by creating some more Middens.

Look out for more updates about our Midden Project: Research in Action, coming soon…


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