What a great start to the year!

As promised in earlier blog posts, I am here to introduce myself! My name is Gareth and I have just started working at the museum this week as a Learning Programme Assistant. Don’t be fooled by the long title, all it means is that I get to deliver our fantastic ‘Egyptian Worlds’ sessions,  introducing primary school children to our mummy Asru and getting them to put their historical enquiry skills to the test as they investigate a host of amazing artefacts!

Alongside my colleague Jack (who you will also hear from soon!) I have been given a whistle-stop tour of the museum’s collections and stores over the past few weeks. It has been, quite frankly, mind blowing! My personal highlights have included holding a terrifying Fijian pineapple club, meeting the legion of mummies that lie beneath the museum and seeing some mummified intestines (after breakfast fortunately!).  And all this just in my first week – what an incredible place to work!

Now back to our ‘Egyptian Worlds’ sessions. Although some people might be bemoaning the end of Summer, the start at Autumn here at Manchester Museum is the cause of much excitement – Primary schools have started visiting us!

So, if you want to find out how an unfortunate ancient Egyptian tomb raider met an unfortunate end, how to avoid doing any work in the afterlife and what is REALLY inside one of our mummified crocodile, then I suggest you get you and your class along to the Manchester Museum!

So, if you would like to book a session, please see our website – https://learningmanchester.wordpress.com/egyptian-worlds/  or give Nora Callaghan a call on 0161 275 2630!Image


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