‘Egyptian Worlds’ off to a flying start!

Hello there, or ‘iiti em hotep’ as they might have said in Ancient Egypt! My name’s Jack and I work with Gareth (who introduced himself a couple of weeks ago!) as a Learning Programme Assistant on the Museum’s fantastic ‘Egyptian Worlds’ KS2 workshops. Having obsessed slightly over all things Ancient Egypt when I was in primary school, being given the opportunity to tell the Museum’s school visitors about the wondrous Egyptology collection is a real treat!

As Gareth mentioned in his post a few days ago, we spent our first week here exploring the Museum’s many nooks and crannies and learning more about the stunning collections it holds. We were treated to behind-the-scenes tours of not only the Egyptology store, but also the Living Cultures, botany and archaeology stores. The diversity of the collections is unbelievable: you could be looking at a Maori taiaha in the weapons store one minute, then a huge medieval longboat or a gigantic bison the next! It really is incredible.

This week Gareth and I have been welcoming schools from across Manchester and beyond to our first ‘Egyptian Worlds’ sessions of the year. It’s been so much fun introducing classes to the lovely Asru, one of our most interesting and best loved mummies, and helping them get hands-on with some genuine Ancient Egyptian artefacts. The ‘Riqqeh Pectoral’ is proving a very popular object with our school groups, maybe because the Ancient Egyptians believed its magical ‘eyes of Horus’ would grant the wearer good luck and swift recovery from injury, or perhaps because of its Hollywood-esque story, which our curator Campbell Price explored in one of his blog posts.

Our brand new Pacy Pyramids Challenge is also going down a storm, with places in the league table changing faster than the sandstorms of the Sahara! But more on that in next week’s post…

More information on our ‘Egyptian Worlds’ workshop can be found at https://learningmanchester.wordpress.com/egyptian-worlds/, and if you would like to book a session please get in touch with Nora Callaghan on 0161 275 2630 or email school.bookings@manchester.ac.uk.



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