Commence Midden 2013: Research in Action

You might remember last year we did a pilot project with Matthew Moss High School whereupon students from the school built their own Midden to investigate what happens to material when they are buried, like archaeological objects.

We are fortunate enough that Matthew Moss chose to work with us again and have commissioned the Museum to run the project this year as part of  Year 9 students’ Project Qualification. Therefore, on Friday 20th September, sixteen eager Year 9 students visited the Museum to begin the Midden Project 2013.

They explored the analysis of archaeological objects and determined the most significant questions to ask about artefacts in order to examine it’s use. Then they had a tour of our conservation labs to encourage them to think of what happens to objects once they’ve been excavated.

Last week they had to identify potential objects for their own Middens that would relate to their individual project topics. These are the materials they will bury in the four created Middens that will be located at their school. They will be buried for approximately six months, and in that time students will be researching their topics and hypothesising how their objects might change over the course of being in the Midden.

We’ll be updating you on the progress of the Project througout the year, so keep checking in to see how the students are getting on.

If you want to know more about the project, or think that your school might be interested in setting up its own Midden contact: Cat Lumb


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