Inspirational Youth Board Member speaks at Engagement Manchester


Last week saw the latest engagement@manchester event held at Manchester Museum with its focus being upon ‘How to engage with young people outside the classroom’

These events are great ways to meet informally for some professional development and a chance to network with other colleagues across the university who may be involved in similar work to share ideas, good practice and make any collaborative links possible, brilliant!

I was completely impressed, inspired and left feeling super motivated by one particular speaker, 2nd year undergraduate Elisha Bradley. Elisha has been a member of the Manchester Museum’s Youth Board for over 7 years  and has led, collaborated on and been creatively involved in a wide variety of projects helping to make young people’s voices heard and listened to across the Museum, the University and beyond. Elisha spoke proudly of the type of work she has produced, highlighting how young people are invaluable in creating unique, powerful and thought-provoking work. Elisha showed her dedication and passion for museum’s and galleries throughout her very in-depth and inspired talk about why it has been so beneficial for her to be apart of the Senior Youth Board both in terms of educational pathways and personal development.

Elisha was articulate and very well-informed and represented young people in an extremely positive way, a real champion for young people today! I simply had to tell you about her.

I’ve attached a link to the engagement website where you can find Elisha’s presentation and soon there will be a film of the event uploaded there too.

If you would like to find out more about engagement or learning at Manchester Museum just follow the link or contact myself, I’d love to hear from you.

Senior Youth Board member, Elisha Bradley.

Senior Youth Board member, Elisha Bradley.





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