Millbrook’s Marvellous Museum!


The Manchester Museum is a fantastic place to work. Every morning I get to work inside a beautiful building with some of the most incredible objects I have ever encountered. After all, how many people can say that they walk underneath the suspended skeleton of a sperm whale every day?

Therefore, I was not expecting that my very favourite event of the entire school year would actually take place outside of the walls of the museum…but it did!
On Monday 30th June, Jack and I took a trip to Millbrook Primary School in Wigan to visit Mrs Thomas and her Year 3 class. The reason for our journey up the M6 was that we had been invited to see ‘Millbrook’s Marvellous Museum’ – a series of exhibitions that had been curated by the pupils themselves as part of their work on museums this term.

Jack and I had high hopes for the afternoon after meeting the pupils when they had visited the Manchester Museum earlier on in the year but nothing prepared us for what they had in store for us!

We walked into the classroom to be greeted by a reception desk manned by a dedicated (and very professional) team who asked us to sign in and then we were led on some fantastic guided tours around the classroom, which had been transformed into a museum that could rival our very own institution with its range and amount of artefacts!

Every table in the classroom boasted an array of treasures including authentic fossils, an old suitcase containing artefacts from World War Two,  an incredible foot powered sewing machine from the Victorian period and even a hockey stick used by the Indian Olympic hockey team!


Even more impressive was the knowledge of the pupils who presented the artefacts to us. They were armed with a plethora of facts about each item and, if any of them want to become curators in the future, I have no doubt that the museums of the UK will be in very safe hands for years to come!

Our guided tours ended with a challenge for Jack and myself. We had to attempt to identify a mystery object! Despite many helpful clues, my answers, which included seaweed’, were wildly inaccurate. In fact, the mystery object, which was circular and had a large round indent at its centre, turned out to be authentic Chinese tea leaves! The class certainly had us well and truly fooled with that one!

Overall, Jack and I had an absolutely fantastic trip to ‘Millbrook’s Marvellous Museum’ and we would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. In fact, if this was a ‘Trip Advisor’ review, I’d be giving the museum five stars!
Congratulations on such brilliant work Year Three and we wish you every success in your future curatorial endeavours!

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