Exploring animals and their habitats with Year 4 children.

This week we had a wonderful visit from a year 4 class at Lower Place Primary School in Rochdale. They were avid explorers on our Natures Library gallery and in our revamped Vivarium space. We loved having you here Lower Place Primary School.

The children were fascinated by the wondrous variety of life and started to focus in on the key features that allow a variety of animals to survive, hunt for food and protect themselves from attack in their natural habitats.

Back in the discovery centre the children worked on creating their own animal by selecting which features their animal would need in order to survive in one of the 3 layers of the rainforest; forest floor, canopy or emergent layer. It was fascinating to see their ideas develop.

A collection of animals that gathered the best responses from the year 4 children are shown here. I think you’ll agree they are pretty amazing.

Can you spot the Frogs amongst the cleverly camouflaged coatings of their skin? Can you identify the features on the sloth that help it to cling on? How is the turtle’s shell useful to offer it protection?

If you would like to learn more about animals and their habitats please do look at the ‘Habitats and You’ session on our website using the link below.


IMG_0201                                             IMG_0209                                                                            IMG_0203


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