Cultural Ambassadors visit from Medlock Primary School

On Friday 5th December we had a wonderful group of children from Medlock Primary School. The children were given the fabulous title of Cultural Ambassadors for their school and consisted of a mix group from year one up to year 6. This was a really successful day; they worked together brilliantly, really supporting one another and listening to each others ideas and opinions. The children were challenged to find a ‘Top Ten’ object list from the collection on display across the whole Museum. The children took some amazing photographs, shown below, of the objects that most interested them. They articulated themselves wonderfully, explaining why they had selected the object that they had and why it was worthy of being in their ‘Top Ten!’

IMG_1315             IMG_1328

IMG_1325                IMG_0951

The group then also had a sneak peek behind the scenes over in our conservation department where they amazed us all by how well they took to the process of cleaning one of the Museum’s objects (soon to go on display.) As the group cleaned the plaster cast of a slab from the Nereid Monument they picked up the skills required to make a ‘swab’ which was a tricky set of skills to perfect but the group managed it really well and by the end of their time in conservation they had perfected some really great swabs that were very effective at cleaning the cast, definitely some future conservators in the making!

IMG_1303      IMG_0847


We hope to welcome back this group of cultural ambassadors early in 2015.

Well done to everyone who took part!


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