Nature Discovery gallery for Under 5’s is now open!

At Manchester Museum, we have been redeveloping our Nature Discovery gallery as an imaginative space that encourages young children to lead their adults through an object rich exploration of the natural world. Young children will be able to search for creatures, create fantastical stories based on the natural world and immerse themselves in a series of habitats.

‘The Den’ provides a cosy reading area, with animals playfully hiding around the tree trunks.

‘The Meadow’ is full of light and colour, with plants, butterflies, insects and underground animals for children to find.

‘The Treetops’ showcases a variety of birds from our collection for children to spot.

‘The Forest’ is a beautiful and enchanting 3D paper ‘story book’ art installation, developed in collaboration with artist Helen Musselwhite. Between the paper cut trees, children and their adults can glimpse a variety of animals, from small insects to large creatures, highlighting the beauty and diversity of the natural world.

In 2015 we will be using the gallery to continue to develop our programmes for young children and their families, including Baby Explorers, Magic carpet and our Big Saturday family programmes. There will also be an opportunity to develop new programmes for Nursery, Reception and Y1 classes visiting the museum and to offer professional development sessions for teachers to explore the new space in order to plan their own visits.
Please check our Early Years page for updates in January.

Elaine Bates

Early Years coordinator


4 thoughts on “Nature Discovery gallery for Under 5’s is now open!

  1. This was a great opening event! When do we get to see the pics on your flickr page or site? my son was in a few of the photos so keen to have a look

    • We’re so pleased that you enjoyed it! Images from the event should be going up on our Flickr page in the next couple of weeks, so keep checking back. Thank you for coming to see our refurbished gallery and taking part in our activities, we really appreciate your comment here too: hope to see you back at the Museum soon.
      Take Care

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