Egyptian Worlds: the new ‘Pacy Pyramid Challenge’ league table!

It is 2015 and although some are bemoaning the end of the Christmas period, the beginning of the new spring term is a source of great excitement and anticipation here at the Manchester Museum – Primary schools are coming back to visit us!

And what better way to start the new year than to take a look at last term’s Pacy Pyramid Challenge times on our brand new league table?

The learning team didn’t think it was possible for schools to beat the benchmark set in the last academic year – but last term’s schools exceeded all expectations and all staff at the Manchester Museum have been suitably impressed with the standard of the submitted times. Every class who took part should give themselves a big pat on the back!

The fight for the top spot of the league table has been intense to say the least; the previous record time was broken – TWICE! Remember, the class that has the quickest time at the end of the year will receive a very special prize from the museum – could it be your class?

Here is the leaderboard of the quickest 20 classes so far this year along with their time:

To see the full list of times please visit: .

After a whirlwind first term of Egyptian Worlds workshops, I cannot wait to welcome the new visiting classes and see them tackle the Pacy Pyramid Challenge!

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