Creative Practitioner Opportunity for Art of Identity Project

What do these portraits tell us about ancient people?

What do these portraits tell us about ancient people?

We’re pleased to announce that we have an exciting opportunity for two Creative Practitioners to work with the Museum and up to six partner schools on our Art of Identity project.

This fantastic opportunity is the third year of our partnership with Children and the Arts who are funding Manchester Museum as part of their Start programme.

We are searching for two Creative Practitioners to help us deliver our project outcome of a piece of artwork that demonstrates the collective identity of each partner school. Both Practitioners will work with all pupils involved, and will be required to deliver a workshop at the Museum and another workshop in each school. Project work will be taking place in either the Spring or Summer Terms and there will be a celebration event at the Museum in 2016 to showcase the work.

Partner schools in this project are:
Droyslden Academy
Stretford Grammar School
Derby High School will be working with three of their feeder Primary schools.

If you’re interested, take a look at our Creative Practitioner Brief, which will provide more details on how to apply.  Closing date for applications is Friday 9th October at 12pm.

Any queries or enquiries please contact Cat Lumb.


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