Teacher Twilight with the University of Manchester’s Primary PGCE students

Thursday 24th September saw the Learning Team welcome the University of Manchester’s newest Primary PGCE cohort for one of
three ‘Teacher Twilight’ events. This was a chance for the students to gain an insight into the collections at the Manchester Museum and engage with some of the activities and spaces they might bring their future classes to enjoy.

After an introduction to our learning programme and ‘Discovery Centre’ learning spaces, the group was asked to step into the shoes of their prospective students and explore our Ancient Worlds, Fossils and Living Worlds galleries. In these spaces, the students put their enquiry skills to the test, by sampling some of our workshop activities and getting to grips with some of our Ancient Egyptian and pre-historic objects.

Seeing the students engage with the museum in a similar way to the many school groups who visit us every day was hugely valuable for us and we hope the group took just as much away from this experience. It was also hugely inspiring to see so much enthusiasm, energy and interest from the next generation of primary teachers.

Thank you to everyone who gave up their time to join us for this evening and we wish you a very enjoyable first school placement. We look forward to seeing the PGCE students again in January for our follow up event!


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