Outstanding Haveley Hey’s Year 6!

What a fantastic school Haveley Hey Primary school is, and what a credit to the school the Year 6 children were. The classes who took part in fossil handling and investigative work this morning and they were remarkable! The children were very clued up; so many of the class knew how to recognise, and knew the name for, ammonites! Vanessa, Mason and Leo, well done! I was very impressed by the extensive knowledge of how fossils were formed, words like ‘deterioration’ used by Harrison and ‘disintegration’ by Olivia really impressed me.IMG_2101

The children were all impeccably behaved and handled the precious objects with care and attention at all times.Lewis was the quickest to identity the shark’s tooth and Casey even counted the numbers of incisions along the edge of tooth, 180!!! I wouldn’t like to be under attack from that shark!IMG_2103

I was taken very accurately through how a fossil is formed by Charlotte and loved hearing about the different types of shark from Callum. Marley gave me a wonderful description of the differences between Carnivores and Herbivores which was really articulate and full of fascinating facts.

What a brilliant group, certainly a few future paleontologists and museum experts of the future!IMG_2100

Well done to everyone and thank you to Ms Straker for inviting us along.



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