21st Century Nature Collecting

Get ‘inside’ Manchester Museum before it reopens, and discover how scientists past and present collect and learn about nature! 

Location: Zoom, live from Manchester Museum  

For: Key Stage 2 / home educating families

Dates and times: Thursday 13 May and Thursday 20 May, 2-2.45pm 

Links: Animals and their Habitats, Plants, Eco Schools 


Your experience

Manchester Museum, in partnership with BackyardBio, invites key stage 2 pupils and home educating families to discover historic animal and plant collecting and a 21st century citizen science project.

Through two live video sessions from Manchester Museum, children will:

  • See the natural history galleries at the Museum, before any members of the public are allowed back in
  • Discover animals, plants, minibeasts, eggs, and more 
  • Explore and compare how scientists past and present have collected natural specimens through taxidermy, sketches and modern technology  
  • Take part in a live transatlantic Q&A with a citizen scientist in Canada 

Additional resources provided will guide your group to create their own scientific drawings of nature on their doorstep (or in their playground!), and invite you and them to take part in an international citizen science project that promotes biodiversity across the world.

Book your ticket here before 8 May

You also need to know …

  • You will receive a Zoom link closer to the time, and full instructions as to how to best engage your children with the sessions.
  • You will need to have Zoom on your computer, for the computer to be connected to a projector or interactive whiteboard (schools only), and for the computer to be connected to a webcam, speakers and microphone (all groups).
  • You will receive a resource and instruction for an outdoor nature sketching activity for the group to complete in advance of the first live-streamed session. This is not an essential activity but is highly recommended to help children engage in the first session.
  • Session 1 (Thursday 13 May, 2-2.45pm) will explore how museums learn about animals, plants and their habitats – a behind the scenes look at Manchester Museum’s plant and animal collection.
  • Session 2 (Thursday 20 May, 2-2.45pm) will explore a 21st century nature collecting project – a Q&A with a scientist using technology to connect people, conduct science, and protect nature.
  • The sessions will not be recorded.