99% Ape? Human Evolution Workshop

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Cost: £75

Duration: 120 Minutes

Subject: Science

Numbers: 30 max.

Level: KS3/4

Adults: One adult per 15 students

Session Summary

This is a hands-on workshop that challenges students to explore the evolutionary relationships between present-day and ancient humans, collectively known as hominins. To do this they will use some of the techniques employed by scientists studying human evolution, for example observation-based comparative anatomy and quantitative comparisons using cranial measurements. It gives students the opportunity to engage with this rapidly changing and sometimes controversial field of research.

This workshop has been developed in partnership with the Natural History Murws-logo-116264-1seum and a range of regional museums with natural history collections as part of the Real World Science programme. This session is normally delivered by a current PhD researcher from the University of Manchester allowing pupils to also find out more about university life.

Session Outcomes

Pupils will:

  • Consider relatedness of species and common ancestry by identification of common features
  • Identify features that make the skulls of our species unique and why these features have evolved
  • Learn how the features of hominid skulls relate to their evolutionary history, and relate that to our own species
  • Discover a number of hominid species that lived over the last few million years, and learn fascinating facts about them
  • Realise that many of the questions regarding hominid evolution remain unanswered, and that their opinions and theories are as valid as any scientist’s
  • Use their skills, knowledge and understanding to analyse and interpret  evidence (relating to evolutionary theory) to draw evidence based conclusions
  • Be encouraged to ask questions about university life and careers in science

Gallery Time

During this workshop students will visit our Living Worlds gallery.

If you are planning to spend time exploring other galleries at the Museum either before or after your session please tell us this when you complete our “Make a Booking” form, below.

Make a Booking

If you are unsure whether this session would be suitable for your group, please speak with our bookings coordinator on 0161 275 2630 or email school.bookings@manchester.ac.uk


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