Archive Explorer: Ancient Egypt

copy-of-dsc00770.jpgLocation: The Inflatable Museum, in your school hall

For: Key Stage 2

Timing: 75 minutes

Classes per day: We can work with up 2 classes per day (3 if you do not need the school hall at lunchtime)

Availability: Wednesdays and Thursdays in term-time.

Your workshop

An immersive, interactive whole-class experience in the Inflatable Museum, this workshop gives your class the opportunity to develop and apply their historical enquiry skills and knowledge of ancient Egypt.

Through object handling activities and interactive challenges, pupils will:

  • Assume the role of Egyptologists and Curators to discover and research real Egyptian artefacts.
  • Work in groups to consider how to tell stories using the fantastic selection of artefacts.
  • Create their own Museum of Egyptology.

copy-of-dsc00782.jpgAs well as being a great enhancement to your history topic, the session is a fantastic way to raise awareness and aspirations around careers using history.

You’ll also be left with high resolution images and resources to help you take your topic further with a DIY museum in school.

How to book

Please make sure you’ve read the practical information about the Inflatable Museum  first, and then click the link below to make your booking enquiry. We always aim to get back to you within 5 working days (term-time).

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