Artist-led Drawing

Session Summary

Students will work with a practising artist to creatively document a wide variety of un-cased objects. The artist will use experimental, fast-paced and fun techniques, to engage students in observational drawing.

At a glance

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Cost: £50

Subject: Art, Art & Design

Duration: 60 Minutes

Numbers: 10 –  20

Level: KS 3/4

Adults: One adult per 15 students

Session Activities and Outcomes

Pupils will:

  • Meet a practising artist.
  • Utilise a variety of sketching techniques.
  • Examine line, tone and shading techniques.
  • Produce at least three sketches of individual objects.
  • Have the opportunity to follow up on this work at school with a project set by the artist.

National Curriculum Links for KS3/4

Links to the Art Curriculum
  • Using a range of techniques and media.
  • Increasing their proficiency in the handling of different materials.
  • Producing creative work, exploring their ideas.

Gallery Time

This workshop will include time spent sketching on our Natural History galleries.

If you are planning to spend time exploring the Museum either before or after your session please tell us this when you complete our “Make a Booking” form, below.

You can however utilise our self-guided Art Cards which allows students to produce large amounts of observational drawings direct from the Museum collection on gallery. They work directly with core GCSE requirements and skills and resources are fun, accessible and quick-paced.

Rocks and mineralsRocksandMineralsSmall

Living Worlds

living worldssmall

Living Cultures

Liv Cult Gal small

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If you are unsure whether this session would be suitable for your group, please speak with our bookings coordinator on 0161 275 2630

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