Conflict: Making Sense of War

The study day will utilise the Museum’s collection and material from the Whitworth’s current exhibitions to examine conflict and the associations we make as a result of historical conflict. While a limited number of student places are available, there are online resources that will be available for teachers and students to use outside of the proposed study-day activities.

The content and activities have been collaboratively designed by Manchester Museum and  Whitworth Art Gallery with the support of the  University of  Manchester’s School of Arts, Languages and Culture. The day itself has three main aims:

  • To provide a forum for discussion about conflict in both the past and present
  • To inform students of research and a current understanding of conflict
  • To stimulate a personal reaction to situations related to collections and artists responses to conflict

The study day will be prefaced by an online talk by Manchester Museum’s Living Worlds curator, Stephen Welsh, on how conflict has influenced the material the Museum has both on display and in storage. This talk – “The Residue of Destruction” – (now available below) is to be seen before the on-site study day and is for anyone to watch, either in the classroom or as individuals.

On the day, the talk provided by a University researcher will be filmed and available to watch online after the day itself has taken place.

Finally, a post-day talk will become available by another University researcher in order to stimulate further discussion and encourage reflection about the theme of conflict and the ramifications of current research.

(Any technical problems, please email Cat Lumb)

Full day: 9.45am-3pm, Up to 30 places available

Date: Wednesday 2nd March

Cost: Free of charge (please note, cancellation charges do apply)

Example of itinerary:

09.45am –   Arrive and register
 Signing for Photo permissions will be collected
10am –   Introduction
Warm-up activity revealing aims for the day
10.15am –   Key note Speaker
Talk plus Q & A
10.45am –   Activity 1
Dilemma Cards plus objects and images
11.15am –  Break
Refreshments Provided
11.30am –  Activity 2
Museum focused activity
12.15pm  Lunch
Not provided
1pm – Move to the Whitworth
1.15pm    How Artists respond to Conflict
Activity at the Whitworth
2pm    Activity 3
Students own creative response to topic with a Creative Pracitioner
2.45pm    Evaluation and summing up
3pm   End


GR day 2013If you require more information please contact us on 0161 306 1764
or email


How to get here

Risk Assessment Form


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