Dinosaur Challenge

Available until 29 March 2018. Please see our current offer for schools

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Cost: £3.50 per child

Minimum cost: £50

Subject: Science

Duration: 90 minutes

Numbers: 32

Adults: minimum 4

Age: KS1

Session summary

Pupils will  carry out a blanket dig,  discovering real objects which they will investigate.

Pupils will explore all of the objects and respond to clue cards which will prompt them to draw conclusions about the objects.

They will then work in 4 teams to investigate one of the items in more detail in order to build up a picture of the creature that it belonged to. Groups will be given more clues, evidence and fossils to help them to discover more about their creature, firstly in the Discovery Centre workshop space and then on the gallery.

Groups will briefly feedback to the rest of their class about their discoveries, before they are told that only one of the creatures is actually a dinosaur. To finish the session, the class will try to figure out which it is.

Gallery time

Children will spend time on the Fossils gallery during this workshop. In you need to see particular galleries during any self-led time, including returning to the Fossils gallery, please let us know as sometimes our galleries are busy with other activities.



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