Forensic Science: A Bog Body Mystery


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Cost: £100

Duration: 180 Minutes

Subject: Science

Numbers: 20 max.

Level: KS3/4

Adults: One adult per 15 students

Session Summary

This session provides pupils with knowledge of the real-life applications of science and also first -hand experience of using laboratory equipment. By analysing the available clues and completing a scientific practical, students take on the role of a Forensic expert to solve the mystery of some unknown human remains.

This workshops aims to deliver the knowledge that is required by students for GCSE separate and combined science, but it can also be adapted as an introductory session to the concept of DNA for KS3 students. This session is delivered by a current PhD researcher from the University of Manchester allowing pupils to also find out more about university life. There is a 15 minute break during the session.

“It was an amazing opportunity and I would love to do something like this again” – Pupil comment

“Engaging and friendly PhD Students” – Teacher comment

Session Outcomes

Pupils will:

  • Learn to measure small quantities of liquid using a micropipette
  • ‘Cut’ DNA by adding restriction enzymes to DNA samples provided, then incubating them
  • Load DNA onto a agarose gel and separate DNA samples using electrophoresis
  • Learn to stain DNA specifically within the gel and visualise DNA samples
  • Undertake an archaeological finds analysis
  • Understand how different soil conditions contribute to differences in how organic and inorganic material breaks down/decomposes
  • Solve a ‘crime’ using several sources of evidence
  • Develop a greater understanding of the importance of accuracy and reliability in experimental science
  • Be encouraged to ask questions about university life and careers in science

Gallery Time

During this workshop students will visit our Money gallery.

If you are planning to spend time exploring other galleries at the Museum either before or after your session please tell us this when you complete our “Make a Booking” form, below.

Make a Booking

If you are unsure whether this session would be suitable for your group, please speak with our bookings coordinator on 0161 275 2630 or email



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