Greek Super Learning Day


You might want to consider the ‘Greeks’ session offered by our partner up the road, Manchester Art Gallery.



At a glance

Cost: £125 per classFeatured image

Subject: History

Duration: Full day (4 hours)

Numbers: 32 max

Adults: minimum 4

Age: KS2

Session summary

Comprising of a full day of workshops and activities, this Super Learning Day will provide your class with a unique opportunity to delve into the wonder of the ancient Greek world. Through object handling and gallery exploration, pupils will get the chance to extend their classroom learning and deepen their subject knowledge in a wide range of topic areas. Pupils will:

  • Create their own comic strips inspired by the Museum’s ancient Greek pottery collection.
  • Assume the role of Greek merchants to understand the trading culture of the ancient Mediterranean.
  • Explore the origins of the Greek dramatic tradition and retell classic myths.
  • Follow in the footsteps of Odysseus and Jason by undertaking a voyage through the Museum inspired by the Greek epics.

Gallery time

Time to explore the galleries is incorporated into the day’s timetable, but should you like more please contact our bookings coordinator to check gallery availability.





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