Habitat Explorers

Our apologies: you may have reached this page from an old version of our website.
This  workshop was discontinued in March 2018.
Please see the current offer for schools during our hellofuture capital development work, 2018-2022. 




lemur image

At a glance

Cost: £3.50 per child

Minimum cost: £50

Subject: Science

Duration: 90 minutes

Numbers: 32

Adults: minimum 4

Age: KS1

Session summary

Explore Nature’s Library gallery and the Vivarium; how many animals can you spot? Which features allow the animal to survive in its habitat? Why does an animal have fur instead of scales? Why do some animals have large ears or sharp claws? Explore how animals are adapted to survive where they live and get up close to a few live animals from the Museum’s Vivarium.

Session outcomes

Pupils will:

  • Discover how animals are adapted to survive in different habitats.
  • Get up close to real live animals to learn about their key features that help them to survive.
  • Design their very own creature to live in a particular layer of the rainforest.
  • Learn about the importance of the rainforest and what we can all do to protect it.

Gallery time

During this session children will explore Nature’s Library to spot as many different animals as they can. They will be encouraged to focus on the key features of the animals to identify which skills it enables the animal to have. After this the group will explore the Vivarium, spotting animals in their habitats and learning about how deforestation of the rainforest can have an extreme effect on the survival of its inhabitants.

In you need to see particular galleries during any self-led time, please let us know as sometimes our galleries are busy with other activities.


Learning with Lucy Folder Front Cover copy

Want to do more in the classroom? Have a look at Learning with Lucy for activities relating to the critically endangered lemur leaf frog.

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