Habitats and You


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At a glance

Cost: £3.50 per child 

Minimum cost: £75

Subject: Science

Duration: 120 minutes

Numbers: 32

Adults: minimum 4

Age: KS2

Session summary

The overall aim of the session is to provide school groups with an opportunity to develop and apply their scientific enquiry skills and knowledge of the natural world in the unique setting of the Manchester Museum. Focusing on rainforests and through a combination of gallery tasks and object‐based investigations, pupils will:

  • Explore the ways in which organisms are adapted to their habitats
  • Design a creature that is adapted to live in a particular environment

Gallery time

Please note: this session incorporates an element of self-led gallery time, during which the group will be asked to complete a number of challenges.

If you are planning to spend time exploring the Museum either before or after your session,  please contact the School Bookings Coordinator to check gallery availability.

Find out more…

Further details about the session are available in the Teachers Pack (below) or with our bookings coordinator on 0161 275 2630 or school.bookings@manchester.ac.uk.

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