Investigative Geology

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Cost: £50 half day / £100 – full day of workshops

Subject: Geology

Duration: Half or full day

Level: KS5

Numbers: 20

Session Summary

Bring Geology A-level to life through a series of interactive activities and workshops using our spectacular palaeontology and geology collection.  Focusing on skills and knowledge required for the A-level syllabus, these workshops enables your students to find out more and to see the real life applications of their studies.

Please select from the following workshops and include this information on our “Make a Booking” form below:


– Fossil drawing master class:

Spectacular fossils from the collection are used to develop drawing skills.  Students focus on: trilobites, bivalves and brachiopods. Click here to find out more.

– Understanding and interpreting fossils:

Students are given an assemblage of fossils to reconstruct past environments. Zone fossils and range diagrams are used to find the age. Click here to find out more.

Geology_Alevel4– Trilobites:

Students explore the lifestyles and morphology of trilobites using spectacular examples from the collection.

– Exceptional preservation:

Students investigate a range of stunning Solnhofen Limestone fossils to consider what environments the organisms came from and why they have been so exceptionally preservation.

– Quaternary climate change (best suited for A2): 

Students use a range of evidence including fossils, pollen and isotopes to reconstruct the changing environment of the Last Ice Age. Click here to find out more.

Gallery Time

If you would like to spend time on our Museum galleries during your visit please tell us this when you complete our “Make a Booking” form, below. We would suggest seeing our Fossils gallery.

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