KS3: Skill Enrichment days

Cost: £200 – £500 kiwi

Subject: Science, Cross-curricular or Literacy Focus

Duration: Full day (10am to 2:30pm)

Level: KS3

Numbers: 45 – 120

Dates: Available on request

Our enrichment day provides your students the opportunity to have fun in the Museum and can be tailored to focus on particular subjects areas within a specified budget.  It aims to increase their curiosity in the world around them and enliven their enthusiasm for learning.  The workshops and self-guided activities have been designed to enrich their learning and develop their skills.

“Very well organised. Engaging and professional museum staff. Interesting, interactive sessions delivered across the museum.” – Teacher Comment

Workshops currently on offer are:

Minerals and Me! – Independent enquiry, Reflective Learning skills
Students will explore different rocks and minerals and determine their everyday uses

Mystery Animals – Effective participants, Independent Enquiry skills
Using the Living Worlds gallery, museums specimens and their own investigative skills, students will identify mystery animals

Graeco-Roman Autobiographies – Creative Thinking, Reflective Learning skills
Students will examine objects from ancient Egypt and imagine the lives of the Greeks and Romans who lived there.

Dinosaur Footprints – Teamworking, Critical Thinking skills
Students will analyse a dinosaur footprint track way and use the available evidence to hypothesise the scenario that has occurred

Colour Adaptations  Independent Enquiry skills
Students will examine specimens up close to determine the reasons for their colourful nature

People of the Past – Teamworking, Critical Thinking skills
Exploration of archaeological evidence for Roman Manchester on our Discovering Archaeology Gallery

Creative Writing – Independent Enquiry, Creative Thinking skills
Using the Museum galleries as inspiration, students create a written piece on a given theme

Self-Guided Activities   Within your tailored timetable we will provide teacher-led activities with supporting resources to engage your students on the galleries e.g. creating masks about significant cultural events, how materials survive over time and making artistic creations in the galleries.

We have provided a selection of example timetables for enrichment days to demonstrate the way a day could be tailored for your visit based on estimated costs and student numbers.

If you would like to make an enquiry for an enrichment day please complete our “Make a Booking” form, below.

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