Natural Reflections

Cost: £75NaturalRelfections2012 004

Subject: Geography, English

Duration: 120 Minutes

Numbers: 10 –  30

Age: KS 3/4

What role do humans play in the natural world? Can human own any parts of the natural world? Should we treat humans and animals differently?
These are just some of the questions that can be prompted by visiting the Museum’s spectacular natural history collection; but what will your students think about it? This thought-provoking workshop will help to hone your students’ debating skills and test their ability to work as part of a team as they are set the challenge of answering some big questions.

In this session, students will use the Museum’s diverse collection to deliberate and discuss three big questions about humans and our place in the natural world. Students are given guidance and support to take responsibility of their own opinion while they consider and answer questions on human’s relationship with the natural world.



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