New Explorer Sacks

Our new, themed Explorer Sacks are a bookable self-led resource designed to be used with your class on the galleries.

They contain activities and resources that can be used with the children on the Fossils, Nature’s Library or Living Worlds Galleries.


How to use the Explorer Sacks

You can choose to use the Dinosaurs sacks on our Fossils gallery or the Animals sacks on our Living Worlds and Nature’s Library galleries.

There are 4 of each theme and each one can be used by groups of up to 8 children with an adult. They are designed to be used flexibly, but some suggestions are included here:

Dinosaurs Activities

Animals Activities

You will also find these activity sheets in the Explorer Sack to be used on the day of your visit. You may find it helpful to discuss activity ideas with your group leaders before you come to the Museum.

If you would like to see how your activities link to the curriculum follow the relevant link for Dinosaurs EYFS, Dinosaurs KS1, Animals EYFS or Animals KS1.

Back in your setting

Your museum visit has the potential to inspire learning back in your setting for weeks to come. For example, you could create your own classroom museum! We have come up with some more suggestions for you below.



For more information on how to book the Explorer Sacks please email us.

In the Explorer Sack you will find a notebook where you can share any new activity ideas you have had to inspire other groups using them. You are also welcome to share your ideas directly with us by email.

For further information and to see our FAQs please click here.


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