Here at The Manchester Museum we offer many resources for teachers. Some of these are for specific sessions but they can be adapted for use in different settings as well. On this page you can find links to these resources as well as interesting publications.

We are creating new resources all the time and welcome feedback and ideas, so do get in touch!


Please feel free to download and use our  sample Risk Assessment.


Museum top 10 trail

Designed by children for children


All ages art resource – A Whisper to a SHOUT

An art resource created by MMU Manchester School of Art focusing on the Peppered Moth. The Peppered Moth story is a Manchester story, a story of change. This resource uses that story in creative ways, incorporating Science and the Arts, and involving people. Discover ways to think and talk about positive futures for people and nature in Manchester and the wider world. Use this resource to explore this topic at school and book a visit to the Museum to further support this work. At the Museum see real Peppered Moths specimens that inspired our 3D art installation as part of our Climate Control exhibition.

KS 2 Resources

Gallery-Specific Resources

Session-Specific Resources

Topic-Related Resources


KS3 Resources


KS3/4 Resources



KS4 Resources


Art Cards allow students to produce large amounts of observational drawings direct from the Museum collection on gallery. They work directly with core GCSE requirements and skills and resources are fun, accessible and quick-paced.






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