Raising Aspirations: Exploring Ancient Egyptian Art

img_5110I was recently contacted by a teacher from Tameside College’s  Aspirations Department (I love that there is such a department exists!) who teaches  a group of young people with learning disabilities (aged 16-20) on an Entry level 2 study programme.  They have been studying a BTEC unit titled Exploring Art,  where they had to plan and produce a piece of art within 15 weeks.

“In order to get some ideas and inspiration we visited Manchester Museum and as a result of that the learners chose Ancient Egypt as their theme. After viewing what the Museum had on display the students came up with some marvellous ideas.  Each learner made a mood board displaying their idea and the tools and equipment they planned on using to create their piece of art work and finally creating their own piece: the results were fantastic.”

Their teacher was really pleased to be able to share these images of the process and final outcomes for the BTEC unit and some comments from the learners who took part.

This is a wonderful example of the achievements that can come from an inspirational Museum visit. The learners should be very proud of their work and we’d be happy to have them revisit the Museum at any time!

Learner Comments from Aspirations, Tameside College

“We chose to make Egyptian masks that showed the make up the ladies wore in Ancient Egypt.  We were inspired by visiting the museum and by taking photographs of the hieroglyphics and we copied the colours and designs.”

“The museum had lots of interesting artefacts which gave me the idea of making a special display.  I made a pyramid, tomb design, and an oasis mirage.   I also wrote my name in hieroglyphics.  My visit to the museum inspired me to design my mood board and create my display.  I love Art and History.”

“When we first arrived at the Manchester Museum, it looked so beautiful that I feel like we should go there again. I enjoyed looking at the dinosaurs, but my favourite was the largest one (The Tyrannosaurus-rex). The other animals looked nice as well. Another thing that inspired me is that the museum tells you exactly what happened all those years ago. I also finished my mood board by finding the correct category for me. The pictures were fantastic and I loved looking at them. The museum had a big giant snake which I was standing behind when I had a picture took. I liked all the Egyptian models as well. I would love to see them all again. It looked absolutely perfect for a full day trip. And that is how Manchester Museum inspired me to work on and complete my artwork.”

“I found the visit to the museum fascinating and interesting because I learnt a lot about Ancient Egypt and Tutankhamun tomb. I was surprised to find out he was only 19 years old when he died in 1324, two years older than me. When I saw the pottery artefacts that  were found and displayed in the museum it inspired me to make my own display”

“When I visited the museum I had a really good time. I enjoyed looking at all the artefacts and I was inspired to design Egyptian clothes. The ancient Egypt exhibition was fun and enjoyable. I would really like to do it again.”

A little ray of sunshine

However much you love your work, there are times when you need a boost and I received one last week from one of our younger visitors. It made my day so I decided to share it with you.

Dear Manchester Museum, I am 9 years old. I have visited the museum many times and I have found it interesting and I’ve learned lots from it. This is a poem I wrote which was inspired by the Egyptian exhibition.

Sleeping Still

Entering the dark, dim lit hall,

Running to the precious bodies in the clear, glass cases.

Looking at them, brown like shrivelled apples.

Walking, talking people is what they used to be.

Strolling on Egyptian sands, thinking, when they died they would live on.

Here they are.

It is raining and they are lying still in Manchester Museum.

By Matilda

Thank you for making your museum wonderful.

From Matilda Houston-Brown

A lovely surprise (and thank you!)

I rarely receive any post at work, so last week, when I arrived to find a big brown envelope in my pigeonhole, I was slightly concerned. No need!

…Inside the envelope was a big pile of lovely hand-written letters from some of the year four pupils from Sharrow School who had travelled all the way from Sheffield to take part in our Dinosaur Detectives session on 29th April.

Two groups who visited were really bright and full of enthusiasm for the museum in general, and science in particular. The children all worked really hard and did a fantastic job of being palaeontologists. This was all helped by the wonderful teachers and adult helpers who threw themselves into the session; keeping the pupils on task and fully engaged.

I really just wanted to share my lovely post with you all, so here are the letters…

image, One of the letters I received

Image, An example of a letter

Image, A letter from a recent school visit