The Inflatable Museum

The Inflatable Museum is an immersive learning environment designed to bring the wonder and curiosity of Manchester Museum to school halls across Greater Manchester.

Incorporating a flexible activity area and high quality AV equipment, the Inflatable Museum is a vibrant, engaging space in which to handle real objects from our collection and create memorable and inspiring learning experiences.


How it works

The Inflatable Museum can accommodate a full primary school class and their accompanying adult helpers; approximately 36 people in total. We’ll arrive with you in the morning, ‘inflate’, and work with one or two classes per day, before deflating to go back home.


Where we can ‘pop up’

The Inflatable Museum has been designed to fit in the average school hall. We’ll need a space of approximately 9.5m x 8.5m x 4m high to set up in. Due to the lightweight nature of the fabric used to construct it, the Inflatable can only be set up indoors. It is therefore likely to be your school hall that accommodates it.

What we offer

  • Archive Explorer: Ancient Egypt is a time-travelling adventure, giving your class the opportunity to develop and apply their historical enquiry skills and knowledge of ancient Egypt in this immersive environment.
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Who we visit

We can visit schools within 30-45 minutes drive time. This is usually Greater Manchester schools inside (or just outside) the M60 motorway. Get in touch if you’re unsure.

What is costs

The charge is £6.00 per pupil, with a minimum charge of £150.00 per class.

How to book

Please click the link below to make your enquiry. We always aim to get back to you within 5 working days.

Make an Inflatable Museum booking enquiry


Can you accommodate our lunch service?

Ideally, we stay ‘inflated’ throughout the day on a timetable such as this:

9.30am: Arrive in school and set up

10.15am: Workshop 1

11.45am: Workshop 2

1-1.30pm: Deflate and depart

However, if required, we can ‘deflate’ for a portion of the day to allow for your lunch service, and we’ll then need around 30-45 minutes after your final workshop to pack away, working on a timetable such as this:

9am: Arrive in school and set up

9.45am: Workshop 1, then deflation

11.30am: Lunchtime supervisors have access to hall

1.30pm: Re-inflate

2pm: Workshop 2

3.15-3.45pm: Deflate and depart

Please be aware that this may affect any after school clubs that use your hall.

What if we have more than 2 classes?

If you have more than 2 classes: not a problem, we’ll just come to you on than one day. The cost is the same per child. Occasionally, if we can retain access to your hall all day (e.g. if you can arrange for children to eat in classrooms), we can create a bespoke timetable allowing for 3 classes in a day. Get in touch if you would like to consider this.

Do you offer any other workshops?

At the moment, we just offer an ancient Egypt-themed workshop because that is where most of the demand is from our school partners. If you’ve a suggestion for our future developments, please get in touch and we’ll bear it in mind. We can’t usually offer bespoke activity, unfortunately, but sign up for our e-news to be first to hear about future developments.

Can you come to our school fair?

We do sometimes pop up at community events including school fairs and festivals, as a key part of Manchester Museum’s commitment to its local communities. However because we can’t generally pop up outdoors, schools often find that we don’t leave space for much else at their fairs!! We’d be happy to discuss your ideas though, and we’re always happy to support family and community engagement with culture, so do get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

What’s the risk? 

The Inflatable Museum has been fully tested and risk assessed and is extremely safe for you and your pupils. We will require some cooperation from yourselves to maintain that safe environment, for example in ensuring the hall is clear whilst we set up. A full risk assessment and safety briefing will be provided upon booking.

I’m a secondary school teacher – can the Inflatable Museum visit us?

We are currently working on an exciting new opportunity for the Inflatable to ‘pop up’ in secondary schools for a week at a time, allowing primary feeder schools to combine their museum experience with a transition visit. Contact Cat for more details.

For any other queries, please contact Amy McDowall on 0161 275 7357 or at