Dig It: The Mystery of the Thunderstone

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This  workshop was discontinued in March 2018.
Please see the current offer for schools during our hellofuture capital development work, 2018-2022. 




At a glance

Cost: £3.50 per child

Minimum Cost: £50

Subject: History

Duration: 90 minutes

Numbers: 32

Adults: minimum of 4

Age: Lower KS2

Session summary

Pupils will become archaeologists and use their newly acquired skills to solve ‘The Mystery of the Thunderstone’. The session combines gallery work and handling of real artefacts, through which pupils will learn how to excavate, record, identify and interpret a selection of modern, Roman and Stone Age artefacts. Pupils will:

  • Discover more about the types of evidence that archaeologists work with
  • Participate in a sand-box excavation
  • Investigate, handle and interpret real Roman and Stone-age material
  • Learn how to interpret archaeological evidence
  • Work in groups to explain ‘The Mystery of the Thunderstone’

Gallery time
If you are planning to spend time exploring the Museum either before or after your session,  please contact the School Bookings Coordinator to check gallery availability.

Find out more…
Further details about the session are available with our School Bookings Coordinator on 0161 275 2630 / school.bookings@manchester.ac.uk.

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