Rainforest Investigators: Adaptation and Survival

At a glance

Cost: £3.50 per child image for web

Minimum cost: £50

Subject: Science

Duration: 90 minutes

Numbers: 32

Adults: minimum 4

Age: KS2

Session summary

Through contact with live animals, handling taxidermy specimens and exploring our Vivarium, this session provides children with the opportunity to develop and apply their scientific enquiry skills and knowledge of habitats and adaptations in the unique setting of Manchester Museum.

Focusing mostly on rainforest species, pupils will work in groups of up to 8 to:

  • Assume the role of a ‘Vivarium scientist’ to investigate how organisms are adapted to the different layers of the rainforest.
  • Come into contact with live amphibians and reptiles such as frogs, snakes and chameleons with experts from our Vivarium.
  • Work collaboratively and use scientific enquiry skills to identify a mystery creature using their adaptations and features as evidence.
  • Explore threats posed to animals in the rainforest habitat and understand how animals such as the lemur leaf frog and golden toad become endangered or extinct.

This workshop replaces our old session, ‘Habitats and You’. 

Gallery time

Please note: this session incorporates an element of gallery time in the Vivarium. If you are planning to spend extra time exploring the Museum either before or after your session and wish to see specific galleries or exhibitions, please request this when you make your booking.

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Further details about the session are available with our School Bookings Coordinator on 0161 275 2630 or school.bookings@manchester.ac.uk.

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