Election thoughts

Well, it was about time someone posted on this topic – we can’t expect to stay completely election-free in museums and galleries.

I should point out that this post reflects my own personal thoughts and not those of the Manchester Museum.  I’m not actually going to go all party political on you anyway, but here are a couple of points:

1. Vote, vote, vote!
To me, this feels like a defining moment. An election where it really could feel like democracy can come alive. A time when we could see some new directions not only in policies, but also in the way our government is organised and how it represents us.

2. Give some thought to how the parties’ policies might affect areas like culture and education. Here are some links I’ve found which help with some comparisons:

Obviously, anyone voting will be thinking of a wider range of policies and issues than just culture and education, but it pays to be informed.


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