Making a Good Impression with Roman Inscriptions

Great post on our activity with Widening Participation – who organised this Latin Study Day in collaboration with Andy Fear from the University of Manchester’s Department of Classics and Ancient History.
We had a great time and the students got a chance to try out their Latin skills on genuine objects in our gallery too!

Ancient Worlds

Just got back exhausted but exhilarated from a really successful teaching session about Roman inscriptions with a class of children from both Manchester Grammar School and a Blue Coat School studying Latin and/or Classical Civilisation. The session was led by Dr Andrew Fear from University of Manchester Department of Classics. The idea was to engage schoolchildren with Roman material to help them with their studies and to encourage them to maintain an interest in things Classical.

Earlier this afternoon we divided the class into two groups and one half looked at making impressions from Roman inscriptions using the cliche mould or ‘wet squeeze’ method and the other studied some Roman coins that our Numismatist Keith Sugden had got out in advance for them.

sestertius of Trajan  (AD 98-117 ) obverse sestertius of Trajan (AD 98-117 ) obverse

The cliche mould technique involves placing a sheet of blotting paper over an inscription and using a stiff brush to push…

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