Dinosaur Detectives

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This  workshop was discontinued in March 2018.
Please see the current offer for schools during our hellofuture capital development work, 2018-2022. 




STAN THE MAN!At a glance

Cost: £3.50 per child 

Minimum cost: £75

Subject: Science

Duration: 120 minutes

Numbers: 32

Adults: minimum 4

Age: KS2*

*For Key Stage 1 groups, please see our session: ‘Dinosaur Challenge’.

Session summary

This session will provide your class with an opportunity to develop and apply their scientific enquiry skills in the unique setting of the Manchester Museum. This session involves  object handling, problem solving and a creative thinking element that focuses on the popular theme of dinosaurs. Through both object-based activities and gallery tasks, pupils will:

  • Develop their enquiry and investigative skills.
  • Learn how to interpret fossil evidence.
  • Gather evidence to solve a prehistoric Murder Mystery, and present their findings to the class.

Gallery time

Children will spend time in the Fossils gallery during this session. To help you to further explore your topic in and beyond the Fossils Gallery, you may want to make use of our on-gallery resources (see ‘Downloads’ below).

If you need to see particular galleries in any self-led time during your visit, including the Fossils gallery, please let us know as sometimes our galleries are busy with other activities.


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