Egyptian Worlds

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This  workshop was discontinued in March 2018.
Please see the current offer for schools during our hellofuture capital development work, 2018-2022. 




At a glance


Cost: £3.50 per child

Minimum Cost: £50

Subject: History

Duration: 90 minutes

Numbers: maximum 32

Adults: minimum 4

Age: KS2

Session summary

This session will provide your class with an opportunity to develop and apply their historical enquiry skills and knowledge of ancient Egypt in the unique setting of Manchester Museum. Through object-based activities, gallery work, and an encounter with our mummy Asru, pupils will:

  • Handle real Egyptian objects from our collection.
  • Develop their enquiry and investigative skills.
  • Interpret evidence from mummy research.
  • Use iPads within our gallery to explore and research independently.
  • Discover how artefacts inform our understanding of this fascinating civilisation.

Gallery time

The workshop includes time on the Egyptian Worlds gallery. If you are planning to spend time exploring the Museum either before or after your workshop, we are likely to ask you to avoid using the Egyptian Worlds gallery. This is to ensure that pupils first experience the gallery within the context of the session, and helps avoid overcrowding for other schools.

To help you to explore the topic of Egypt at Manchester Museum beyond the Egyptian Worlds gallery in your self-guided time, you may wish to make use of our on-gallery resources (see ‘Downloads’ below).

In you need to see particular galleries during any self-led time, please let us know as sometimes our galleries are busy with other activities.

Already been?

Download the gallery work from your session here, and find your Pacy Pyramids time here.